How To Choose the Best Shoulder Rig & Camera Cage

When video productions require immense camera movement without hindering picture quality, they can look to shoulder rigs for help. A high-quality tripod is great for capturing stable images, but its movement is more limited than a camera cage. The titular support device allows productions to move the camera around on stable platforms and convenient handgrips. […]

Why External LCD Field Monitors Are Better Than Built-In Camera Monitors

Professional video cameras have built-in monitors, giving the operators a small window showing what they’re shooting. Of course, making sure your production looks as clear and professional as possible is crucial. Thankfully, external on-camera monitors exist, but what exactly makes these screens better? Take a look at the guide below to learn why LCD field […]

Essential Gear for Working From Home

Working from home is convenient, but that doesn’t mean your workstation is up to par with the office. Remote working typically calls for various tools for accommodating the location shift. To help you adjust accordingly, we’ll discuss three pieces of essential gear for working from home. High-Quality Lighting Whether you’re streaming live videos or teaching […]

Complete Guide To the Perfect Gaming Setup

If you live stream video games professionally, having the perfect setup is key. While that might sound obvious, making certain errors in the preparation process is easy. Even professional streamers make slipups with their gaming setups, but, thankfully, those slipups are avoidable. To ensure your playthroughs go smoothly, read this complete guide to the perfect […]

Why a Teleprompter Is Useful for Live Streaming

Professional live streamers use a wide array of production tools. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes that teleprompters are great devices for making live streams run smoothly. Below, we’ll break down exactly why a teleprompter is useful for live streaming in a professional setting. Delivering Lengthy Speeches Audience engagement is crucial during live streams, but pausing engagement […]