Common Mistakes To Avoid When Lighting a Green Screen

Hollywood productions use green screens to create incredible imagery, but even news programs and other productions can use a green screen to make visually engaging sets. Although these screens are valuable tools, certain mistakes during their usage can make shoots more complicated instead of more professional. Learn the right way to prepare by using this […]

3 Tips for Creating a Professional Video Conferencing Setup

3 Tips for Creating a Professional Video Conferencing Setup

Although many devices allow for video streaming, creating professional video conferencing systems requires additional effort. Luckily, that effort will translate into a more coherent, efficient, and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Build the best workspace using these tips for creating a professional video conferencing setup. Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute Although it’s not hard […]

How To Write the Perfect Teleprompter Script

Prepare for your next shoot with proper pacing and structure in mind. Sharpen your skills with this article on how to write the perfect teleprompter script.

Teleprompters are a consistently reliable production tool for staying on-script without hindering eye contact with your audience, whether in-person or virtual. When working on a video production that involves teleprompters, you may assume the most important aspect is verbal delivery. It goes without saying that delivery is essential when speaking in front of a camera. […]

A Brief Guide to Using Soft Panel Lighting Systems

Lighting helps video production experts present their footage with very specific tones. In some cases, lighting can create a warm, welcoming tone, whereas sometimes it creates a more intense mood. Let’s focus on one prevalent lighting method—soft lighting. If you want to learn more about professional video lighting, start with our brief guide to using […]

4 Tips To Nail Your Next Teleprompter Read

Teleprompter technology has been around for many years because it is invaluable for assisting speakers during long-form speeches or presentations. For instance, when giving a speech to your entire business, you can use a teleprompter to ensure you don’t misspeak, go off on tangents, etc. Likewise, reading news during a live broadcast requires the same […]

DMX Lighting Tips for Outdoor Lighting Setups

DMX Lighting Tips for Outdoor Lighting Setups

DMX lighting is a prevalent professional lighting solution that allows you optimal control over multiple lights at once, assisting with both large and small sets. Natural light can look stunning on camera, but DMX lighting systems make it easier to bring professional production lights outside. Thus, you will enhance your production’s tone, setting the mood […]