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When working on a video production set, the lighting available in the environment does not cut it. You need reliable, high-quality video production lights to achieve the desired look.

The Right Broadcast Lighting Setup

At Ikan, we pride ourselves on manufacturing durable and reliable professional video production lights. These lights, powered by high-CRI LEDs, offer superior lighting quality. We provide various professional video production lights, such as Flat-Panel, Fresnel, and Ellipsoidal lights, and each one is meticulously designed for distinct applications. Whether you’re filming on the go or in a studio setting, Ikan can help. We offer on-camera lights for portable operations, DMX512-compatible lights for seamless integration into studio grids, and battery-powered Flat-Panel and Fresnel lights that can be mounted on light stands. Beyond individual lights, Ikan offers an extensive range of portable video lighting kits that bundle our popular lights with compatible light stands and travel cases into convenient all-in-one solutions.

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