Industries and Vertical Markets That Utilize Teleprompters

A teleprompter is one of the most invaluable tools in a wide array of video production projects. Even professionals need the assistance of a teleprompter sometimes. Well, this production tool isn’t simply for reading a script word-for-word; its benefits stretch farther, though uploading scripts can be beneficial, as you’ll learn below. Furthermore, this device ensures […]

How To Maintain and Store a Studio Reference Monitor

Studio reference monitors are some of the most crucial pieces of equipment on professional sets. Thanks to these external monitors, you can keep an eye on the footage you’re shooting in real-time instead of catching mistakes in post-production. That said, high-quality monitors require care if you want them to function correctly for a long time. […]

How To Choose the Best Shoulder Rig & Camera Cage

When video productions require immense camera movement without hindering picture quality, they can look to shoulder rigs for help. A high-quality tripod is great for capturing stable images, but its movement is more limited than a camera cage. The titular support device allows productions to move the camera around on stable platforms and convenient handgrips. […]

Why External LCD Field Monitors Are Better Than Built-In Camera Monitors

Professional video cameras have built-in monitors, giving the operators a small window showing what they’re shooting. Of course, making sure your production looks as clear and professional as possible is crucial. Thankfully, external on-camera monitors exist, but what exactly makes these screens better? Take a look at the guide below to learn why LCD field […]