Intertwining your video production with an IP network may not seem like the most professional setup at first, but it is. If you have experienced network issues at home, don’t assume an IP network will make your production equally unreliable. Welcome to our walkthrough on why IP networks are a necessity for video productions of various styles.

Easy Source Accessibility

Thanks to the use of an IP network, video production teams can easily access wireless video sources off-site. For instance, shooting live video in a house of worship, broadcast studio, or event venue can get crowded if the entire production team is sitting beside the camera. Using an IP network allows you to easily access your video source, even when you’re not in the room. This helps you optimize space without sacrificing streaming or recording quality.

Operating PTZ Cameras

Now, let’s address a more specific reason why IP networks are a necessity for video production—PTZ camera implementation. A primary benefit of shooting video with PTZ cameras is that you can operate them remotely so that you can fit them into tight, uncomfortable, or hard-to-reach places in the shooting space.

Your PTZ system can do this with the help of an IP network. For example, the Ikan video production hardware available online includes pan tilt zoom cameras that come with an IP controller. Using an Ethernet cable, the controller plugs into your IP network to pair with your camera, ensuring easy compatibility.

Increasing Production Scale

By matching your video and audio equipment with a reliable encoding device, you can stream to your destination successfully, but what happens if you want to add or subtract new cameras? Luckily, all you will need is one reliable Ethernet cable to connect your hardware—no longer will you have to deal with a bevy of cables for each source. This means you can add new video equipment to your setup without creating excessive clutter. Update your video productions today by finding ways to implement IP networks into your hardware arrangement.