Essential Gear for On-Location InterviewsRecording an on-location interview can be fulfilling, or it can fall apart. Thankfully, gathering the right hardware and carefully prepping your shoot can save the big day from disaster. Plan your big shoot using this list of essential gear for on-location interviews to capture the best footage for your final product.

Camera & Stabilization Gear

On-location interviews are chances to showcase the surrounding environment in a beautiful way. First, a professional-grade video camera ensures you can capture crystal-clear footage of your subject. Additionally, you can capture footage of your surroundings in high-definition for the B-roll.

Details like this can help you create a more visually appealing interview. Even if you don’t need to shoot your surroundings, you still need high-quality recording equipment for the interview. The camera alone doesn’t determine footage quality—support devices play a critical role here. Always pack the right pedestal, tripod, and whatever else you need to capture stable footage on the set. If you’re not shooting high-quality footage, then why add a visual element to your interview at all?

High-Quality Teleprompters

If you’re conducting an interview in which you and the subject are being video recorded, then you should avoid capturing footage of you looking down at notes. Instead, bring along a reliable teleprompter. At Ikan, we carry high-quality teleprompters for sale that can aid your interviews.

By setting up that teleprompter behind your subject, you can refer to your script without losing eye contact with them. You can even find camera-mounted teleprompters to integrate the device seamlessly.

Three-Point Lighting Gear

One piece of essential gear for on-location interviews is enough lighting equipment for a three-point setup. Three-point lighting requires three sources of illumination—the key light, fill light, and backlight.

You can light your set with various arrangements, but supply enough for a three-point setup. That way, you can create interesting depth in-frame. A high-quality camera is invaluable, but that camera requires good lighting to capture the best footage. If you can bring all the hardware we mentioned to your on-location shoot, you will create an interview that captivates your audience.