Why You Should Choose a Camera-Mounted TeleprompterWhen browsing teleprompters for your video production, remember that many models exist. This begs the question; how do you know how to choose one prompter over the others? Start by learning what makes each option unique and beneficial to your business. Keep reading to find out why you should choose a camera-mounted teleprompter.

Your Video Applications

A camera-mounted teleprompter is primarily used for live broadcasts and recordings. This is because the teleprompter design combines a way for speakers to see their script while recording themselves speaking directly to their audience.

Suffice it to say that if you’re hosting a small business gathering and aren’t planning to record any speeches, then the camera is not necessary. However, if you’re streaming live or recording to watch later, then combining the camera with the teleprompter marries two critical components in one package.

A Compact Design

Instead of trying to fit your camera around the teleprompter, the device provides a more compact way of creating your setup. Think of it like strapping a teleprompter directly onto your camera. Of course, a camera-mounted teleprompter isn’t exactly pocket-sized, but it combines two essential pieces of equipment into a tightly designed, securely fitted device.

Eye Contact & Your Virtual Audience

When using a teleprompter without a camera attachment, one benefit the prompter provides is the ability to read the script without losing eye contact with the audience. This requires carefully positioning the prompter ahead of time, but what about accommodating a virtual audience?

When people watch the recording or live stream, they should still see consistent eye contact from the speaker to keep the discussion engaging. So, one of the reasons you should choose a camera-mounted teleprompter is that the positioning ensures you can maintain eye contact with anyone in the room and watching virtually.

Start browsing our many prompter systems available for professional use if you’re ready to introduce the benefits above to your production.