MK350 : MK350 Spectrometer from (UPRtek)

MK350 Spectrometer from (UPRtek)

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Model: MK350
  • Lightweight Design
  • Measure at Any Time, High Mobility
  • 3.5" Color Touch Screen
  • Simple, Easy to Use Interface
  • SD Card Storage
  • USB Data Transfer
  • Japan, Australia, and Germany customers please contact your local UPRtek distributor


 The MK350 Spectrometer puts light spectrum data at your fingertips, enabling you to capture in-time readings without the need of a PC.  The unit’s advanced sensors measure illuminance, chromaticity, dominant wavelength, and the spectral distribution of all visible light (not Infrared or Ultra Violet). Screen data is rendered as crisp, colorful graphics.


It has a 3.5" touch-pad interface that’s both ergonomic and user-friendly. Choose either the single-time or continuous capture mode to see data displayed in 1 second bursts. The MK350 displays real-time CCT (Correlative Color Temperature), CRI (Color Rendering Index), Lux (illuminance),  ƛ  (Peak Wavelength) CIE1931 and CIE1976 readings via 4 different switchable modes.


Measurement results can be stored on an SD card in Excel and BMP formats and transferred via USB. To ensure measurement accuracy, the MK350 can be re-calibrated using the unit’s Dark Calibration feature. A WiFi-SD solution allows one-to-one transmission of data from the unit to a nearby PC (not via the internet).


Now, acquiring accurate readings for spectrum analysis is no longer a hassle for Lighting Directors, Directors of Photography or Gaffers looking to match studio or in-camera color temperatures.









MK350 User Manual

Diagonal (inch):3.5" (screen)
Dimensions (Metric):14.42 x 7.8 x 2.4 cm
Shipping Weight:3.8 lbs