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LED Fresnel Light Kits

Fresnel lights, pronounced “Fruh-NEL,” are focusable spotlights most commonly used in theatre, film, and television. What gives this light its name is the Fresnel Lens that is situated in front of the light source. Its concentric rings help focus and cast light in a soft, even illumination and can be adjusted to become a narrowly focused “spot” beam or wider “flood” beam. This is why many productions use LED Fresnel light kits, as the resulting focused area of light is easier for operators to control.

At Ikan, we utilize our industry experience as seasoned filmmakers to bring you only the best LED Fresnel light kits. Many of the kits in our collection feature barn doors, digital readout screens, flicker strobe capabilities, and cooling systems to help prolong the LED light’s lifespan. Our Fresnel lights can also be bought individually or in sets of two or three.

If you have any questions about our selection, send us a message. We are here to help provide answers and advice when it comes to choosing the right kit for you.

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