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Ikan’s Lyra collection includes a variety of LED soft light panels that create beautiful, soft light with a clean shadow. These lights utilize 97+ High-CRI LED chips combined with a soft panel to give you a versatile lighting solution that can benefit nearly any video production project. Lyra DMX lights provide exceptional in-studio lighting solutions and the pro-battery powered Lyra lights allow for professional lighting for ENG situations or while filming in the field. The LED chips produce a strong, bright diffused light with adjustable brightness that remains consistent across all color temperatures. Single knob brightness and temperature control combined with a clear LED settings readout make the Lyra LED soft light panel system the perfect lighting solution for your next video production.

If you have any questions about our products or require assistance in finding the right lighting for your project, contact the team at Ikan today. Our team is made up of passionate professionals just like you who will help you find the LED soft light panels you need.

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