ikan named distributor of E-Image Mono-Lock Professional Tripod Line

Houston, Texas-based Ikan International Corp. has been named exclusive U.S. distributor for E-Image’s flagship line of professional video tripods. Houston, Texas – December 19, 2014 Ikan Corp. is proud and excited to now represent top-of-the-line tripods and accessories from E-Image. “I first noticed the E-Image Mono-Lock tripods at NAB 2014. They have the best quick-release […]

Ikan named Worldwide Distributor of Remote Air, Wireless Follow Focus Systems

Houston, Texas-based Ikan International Corp. has been named exclusive worldwide distributor of PD Movie wireless follow focus systems. Houston, Texas – December 19, 2014 Ikan Corp. has partnered with PD Movie, Hong Kong to distribute the PD1 & PD2 Remote Air follow focus systems worldwide. “We saw a need for an affordable and user friendly […]

Ikan starts shipping the new Piatto soft, beauty lights for video and photography

Houston, Texas-based Ikan International Corp.introduces new Piatto Lights with edge-lit LED technology. Houston, Texas – December 19, 2014 Ikan introduces the new Piatto Lights with edge lit LED technology. “I never would have guessed that the Piatto’s would work this well while designing them,” said Barry Garcia, Lighting Product Manager at Ikan. “The finished lights […]

Ikan announces new White Star Fresnels

Houston, Texas-based Ikan International Corp. has introduced the new White Star 100w, 200w and 350w fresnel lights. Houston, Texas – December 19, 2014 Ikan introduces 6 new fresnel lights. “We needed a fresnel that was powerful that would make people say wow. The White Stars work whenever I need bright, even light,” said Barry Garcia, […]

Filmmaking in Honduras with Elizabeth Nelson and ikan

Elizabeth Nelson is a cinematographer and filmmaker who uses the art of filmmaking to aid missionary work and bridge powerful stories beyond the differences between cultures and languages.  She traveled to Honduras recently to help aid Plan Escalon, whose mission is to offer education, food, shelter, dental, and medical care to young children in hopes […]

NEW On-Camera LEDs from ikan

Looking for a light to attach to your camera to illuminate your shots? The Drawing Board has just released a new episode covering the latest on-camera lighting solutions from ikan—the iLED6 and the iLED312-v2. The iLED6 is a powerful and versatile on-camera light with a color temperature of 5600K.  It has a high 93 CRI […]


The Drawing Board’s third episode features two new tungsten-color LED lighting solutions from ikan—the IDMX36T and the IDMX500T.  Both of these lights are DMX-controllable and are great for shooting in the studio or out in the field. A lot of filmmakers are used to shooting with incandescent lighting.  An incandescent tungsten bulb emits a color […]

ikan releases 17-inch HD-SDI Studio/Field Monitor

Introducing ikan’s VX17e, a 17” 3G-SDI Field Monitor designed for Broadcast and Studio applications. The VX17e is equipped with both HD-SDI and HDMI inputs, with Looping Outputs.  It displays a sharp, vivid picture with a resolution of 1440 x 900 and includes professional software features such as False Color and Clip Guides to help ensure […]

The Drawing Board: Shoulder and Handheld Camera Rigs

  ikan’s new series for filmmakers, The Drawing Board, covers a vast range of video production tools and showcases new and upcoming products. We aim to improve the quality of your productions and simplify your workflow. When it comes to small to mid-sized camcorders and DSLR’s, stabilization and smooth camera movements are difficult to achieve […]

The Drawing Board: Camera Rig Offset Solutions

ikan is proud to present “The Drawing Board,” a new web series for filmmakers. The series showcases new and upcoming products, and demonstrates how they can simplify your workflow and improve the quality of your productions. “The Drawing Board” will cover a vast range of video production tools, including Camera Rigs and Rig Components, LED […]