This past spring, we were excited to get a message from Sarorn Ron Sim, Director of Photography. He had met the Ikan team at the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) show last year and was reaching out to us about the Tilta Armor-Man 2. Ron wanted to try out the Tilta Armor-Man 2 in a video shoot that he was doing with Peyton Manning in Indianapolis. Yes, the Peyton Manning – a two-time Super Bowl champion and one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time. In addition, he holds many NFL records, including a combined 200 regular and postseason career wins, 5 AP MVP awards, 14 Pro Bowl appearances, and 539 touchdown passes. He spent the majority of his football career with the Indianapolis Colts and in his last four seasons, he played for the Denver Broncos. Needless to say, we were happy to provide Ron with the Armor-Man 2 for his video shoot.

Tilta Armor-Man 2

Ron loved using the Armor-Man 2 on the video shoot and was interested in owning the rig after the trial run. He used it with the Alexa Mini camera, Cooke S4i Mini lens, and the MoVi M15 gimbal. In case you didn’t know, the Tilta Armor-Man 2 is the ultimate support system for 3-Axis gimbal stabilizers such as the Tilta Gravity, DJI Ronin, Freefly MoVI, and any other gimbal with a dual hand grip design. It has an innovative quick-release system where each support arm can quickly snap into the support vest. When the arms are not in use, they can be swiveled down into a resting position. More info on the Tilta Armor-Man 2 can be found on the Ikan website.

“The Armor-Man 2 allowed me to work fluidly throughout the day without having to take the camera off between takes.  My AC kept asking if I wanted the camera taken off—and I had to constantly tell him that I was OK to keep going.  That’s how amazing the system was.” – Ron Sim

Sarorn Ron Sim

To give you a bit of background on Sarorn Ron Sim, he is a six-time winner of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers Award for excellence in corporate branding and educational cinematography. He has a passion for storytelling and has travelled and worked in over 60 countries. His body of work is a reflection of his understanding of the human experience from working with celebrity chef, Eric Ripert, to capturing the plight of survivors of genocide in Cambodia.

Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital

Ron used the Armor-Man 2 while shooting a commercial for the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St. Vincent. How did the video turn out? Check out the video here or on Ron’s website or for Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital: