Well, it depends on what you’ll be using it for and where you’ll use it. It’s helpful to have a script displayed on a teleprompter. Knowing the right words to say can sometimes be hard. It can even be more nerve-racking when you’re on national TV. For example, Fox News Host, Megyn Kelly got tripped up during her show due to a teleprompter glitch. Sometimes, things just happen that you can’t control. One thing is for sure: you want to have a teleprompter that works and is reliable. So, what are the best teleprompters from Ikan to use when you’re shooting on location, in the studio, and/or if you’re on a budget?

On location Teleprompters

So you want to shoot something on location and need a teleprompter? Ikan has several portable teleprompters including the PT-ELITE-V2, the PT-ELITE-PRO, and the PT1200. The two PT Elite teleprompters are designed especially for tablets while the PT1200 is a traditional teleprompter with a custom designed 12” monitor that perfectly balances viewing distance and portability.

The PT-ELITE-V2 and the PT-ELITE-PRO are both universal tablet teleprompters that work with our Elite remote. Both teleprompters have an adjustable glass frame, EV3 quick release baseplate, and an overall lighter design for portability. The only difference between the two teleprompters is that the PT-ELITE-PRO supports the iPad Pro and Surface Pro tablets while the V2 supports the regular and smaller sized tablets.

An interesting way to use these tablet teleprompters is to place them at the end of a jib. Since they are based on a 15mm rod system, you can easily attach them to a shoulder mount and use the teleprompters on the go, allowing for more versatility. Both the EV3 Flyweight DSLR shoulder rig and the EV3 Flyweight Offset DSLR shoulder rig can work with the PT Elite tablet teleprompters.

This setup can come in handy for larger news stations that need a secondary teleprompter out in the field. All of these teleprompters are easy to use, lightweight, affordable, and have American-made scientific grade 70/30 teleprompter glass.

If you’re looking for a portable traditional teleprompter, the PT1200 would be a great pick. The PT1200 is a great portable teleprompter kit that includes a 12” custom monitor, adjustable glass frame, and can be assembled in 60 seconds. In addition, each PT1200 is shipped in custom cut high quality foam, which perfectly matches the SKB iSeries 1914-8 Waterproof case (not included). This case can be purchased separately from various online retailers. The PT1200 also comes with the PrompterPro software that is designed to be used with a Mac or PC.

In Studio Teleprompters

At Ikan, we have some great teleprompters for the studio. The PT3500 and the PT3700 both work very well in this setting. Both teleprompter systems are designed for professionals that need to work efficiently in the field or in the studio. They are durable yet lightweight and have 15” and 17” screens respectively.

Both teleprompters also have foldable glass frames to easily allow for adjustments such as ensuring that the glass is adjusted to the right height for the person. These teleprompters are also made to be intuitive and easy to use. The buttons are designed to be in the right spots, as are the input and output areas. The monitors are also 4×3, giving you more vertical space to easily read text. To keep the teleprompters safe and organized, both are shipped in foam designed to fit into a portable SKB I Series 2918-10 waterproof hard case that is sold separately from various online retailers. These teleprompters are great because they are also affordable and perfect for studios on a budget. In addition to studios, others that would find these teleprompters useful would be schools, colleges, studios, or TV stations looking for a budget friendly teleprompter.

On A Budget

Speaking of budget-friendly teleprompters, the PT-ELITE-V2 and the PT-ELITE-PRO are both great teleprompters that won’t break the bank. All you’ll need are one of these teleprompters and a tablet.


Whether you’re looking for a teleprompter to take on location or one to just keep in the studio, Ikan has a teleprompter to meet your needs. In addition, the tablet teleprompters are great for those on a budget. The PT Elite and the PT1200 teleprompters are designed for small cameras and DSLR cameras. The PT3500 and PT3700 cameras work with small to mid-sized cameras and camcorders including DSLRs. With a reliable teleprompter, you won’t have to worry as much about things going haywire, and if it does, you may just get YouTube famous.

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