What do you get when you combine a marathon runner, Japan, and a FLY-X3-GO? You get Joseph Tame! Joseph, a Tokyo-based performance artist, marathon runner, and public speaker, wanted to run and livestream the 2016 Tokyo marathon in a full 360-degree video. He wanted to utilize the FLY-X3-Plus gimbal stabilizer as he ran. However, it turned out that the FLY-X3-GO was better suited for what he wanted so he used that gimbal instead. The FLY-X3-GO gimbal for GoPro is easy to use and has a long battery life – a perfect combination for livestreaming a marathon. Joseph was the first to live stream and do 360 views of a full marathon and chose to use our gimbal for the stabilization.

Here are Joseph’s thoughts on running the marathon with the FLY-X3-GO:

“As a runner with a keen interest in consumer technology, I’ve used the Tokyo Marathon as an opportunity to put the latest mobile video solutions to the test for the past 8 years. I’ve live streamed my entire run using multiple cameras while providing non-stop commentary.

Stabilization has always been a problem. Until now, I’ve used Ikan’s shoulder rigs to mount a camera pointing at my face, but the shots of the road ahead were very shaky.

This year was my first marathon with a powered gimbal stabilizer. My live viewers and I were blown away by the difference it made. I mounted a GoPro Hero 4 on the FLY-X3-GO, with the video streaming via Wi-Fi to the Periscope app on my iPhone.

I didn’t need to do any calibration; it worked perfectly out of the box, and while I was running, it remained steady throughout. Of the 3 available modes on the gimbal stabilizer, I used the semi-follow mode, which allowed me to easily adjust the pitch, depending on whether I was pointing the camera at the road from down by my side, interviewing a runner next to me, or holding it above my head for a wide shot.

Despite constant movement, I got about 90 minutes of use on a single set of batteries. At one point, I also connected my GoPro via USB to charge its battery.

For an upcoming project, I will be using the wired remote function to mount it on a helmet…something that isn’t possible with other products on the market.”

Want to see the results of the Tokyo Marathon with the FLY-X3-GO gimbal for GoPro? Check out Joseph’s video on YouTube or below:


To follow Joseph Tame, check out his Facebook page or visit his website https://josephta.me/en/.

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