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ikan Elements: The truly modular camera support solution

Houston, TX (January 15, 2010) ikan corp proudly announces the release of its latest innovation.  ikan Elements is an  interchangeable and fully customizable camera support system.  The various kits that make up ikan Elements are designed to provide camera support that is lightweight, comfortable, and far less expensive than anything on the market.  Our systems are easy to use and ergonomically designed to provide support and assistance to anyone.  ikan realizes people don't come in one size, therefore, we've designed our kits to be customizable for comfort and use. 

The first kit in the ikan elements series, the Fly, is designed to combine the convenience of a flash bracket allowing you to mount your ikan monitor, light, flash or microphone on either side.  However the Flyer is not as heavy or cumbersome as a full rod system.  The Flyer is designed with DSLRs in mind and the handles will not block your HDMI connections like a normal flash bracket.  The kit consists of attachable, posable handles with a base plate that can be expanded with two 15mm rods giving you the option to ad different accessories.   





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