Using a Teleprompter System for a Video Conference

In todays fast paced always online world, businesses and companies are increasingly using more and more video conferencing for meetings and announcements. While most people use either a computer, laptop, or mobile device to join a video conference, using a dedicated professional video teleprompter can help you keep your thoughts together and give off a higher level of professionalism and confidence. In this short blog we’ll go over just a few ways a professional video teleprompter system can elevate your video conferencing.

Helps You Stay on Track

Using a teleprompter during a video conference is like having your notes, or script, right in-front of you at all times during your meeting. This means you can spend less time memorizing your presentation before an important meeting or announcement. Also, just like reading through notecards during a traditional meeting, you can stay focused on your main points without going off track, as they’ll be there for you to follow on the teleprompter screen. Even if you decide not to use a script with you teleprompter, you can still use the teleprompter screen to display the video stream of your conference, making it that much easier to keep eye contact and maintain engagement. Ikan carries many teleprompters that can be used to view text or video, like our widescreen 16:9 teleprompter monitors, designed for video conferencing in mind.

Confidence and Preparedness

Having a script to read or notes to go off of during a presentation can elevate the effectiveness of the message you hope to deliver. Television news anchors would not be able to deliver the news with confidence and authority if they had to memorize every single detail or constantly refer to their notes, they use pre-written scripts and teleprompters so they can focus on the effectiveness of their delivery. When you’ve created comprehensive notes over a subject or a have well-written presentation, you can display them on your teleprompter and scroll through them at your chosen speed. The need to look away to read or shuffle through notes is greatly minimized, giving you a greater sense of confidence by keeping eye contact with your audience, just like a news anchor would do. Overall, a professional teleprompter system can be a very useful tool to enhance the effectiveness and professionalism when communicating through video conferences.