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Ikan Rolls Out STRATUS Line of Camera Cages

HOUSTON, Texas (March 27, 2018) - Ikan announces the release of four new camera cage rigs, including a follow focus accessories and lens support systems. The latest cages in the STRATUS line form to the Sony a6500, a7II, a7III series camera bodies, as well as the Panasonic GH4 and GH5 camera bodies. Ikan created the line with universality in mind, while maintaining high quality at a mid-level price range.

Each camera cage in the STRATUS line uses NATO rails for the top handles, which fit Ikan grips. ARCA-Swiss quick release plates make these cages as universal as possible, or the cages can be attached to most photo tripods in place of the ARCA-Swiss plate. The design on each cage includes cut outs for AV ports, access buttons and battery access.

"The release of the STRATUS line comes in response to a lack of high quality Sony a7III camera rigs at the mid-level price range," says Product Manager Jeffrey Lowe Lochmann. "As we began work on this cage, we saw other opportunities for developing cages in new directions."

To complete the most common accessories used in camera rig cages, Ikan developed follow focus and lens supports. The follow focus includes hard stops, blue and red bands to distinguish stopping points, and reusable lens gear. Ikan's static lens support adjusts vertically and mounts to 15 mm rods. The dynamic lens support grips the lens for a custom fit and includes rollers that allow the lens to rotate while mounted. The STRATUS line is great for camera operators or indie filmmakers using Sony a6500, a7II, a7III, or Panasonic GH4/5 series camera bodies.

Ikan will showcase the new STRATUS camera cage line at the NAB show in Las Vegas, NV from April 9-12, 2018. To test our latest technology, visit booth C10919.

About Ikan
At Ikan, we're filmmakers, too. Our staff is almost entirely composed of seasoned professionals whose first love is the world of film and video. As filmmakers, we understand the challenges our customers face on a daily basis. We know first-hand the need for reliable and dependable equipment. We sympathize with the moment a piece of gear going down during an important shoot, threatening your reputation. We also understand that while imagination may be limitless, budgets are not always. Whether an expensive Hollywood motion picture or an intimate wedding shoot, maximizing the value of the products purchased is of utmost importance. Because we understand these things, we feel a responsibility to continue to bring our customers the best available technology, quality, service, and long-term value across our entire product line.

Whether it's our lights, gimbals, tripods, monitors, or the hundreds of other production tools we've brought to the market, all of Ikan's products are created by filmmakers, to empower filmmakers. Ikan products are sold through authorized dealers located in more than 50 countries around the world and at www.ikancorp.com.

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