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At Ikan, we produce a range of professional broadcast PTZ (pan tilt zoom) camera systems, which were developed with advanced optical lenses and image processing sensor technology. Traditionally, PTZ camera systems were limited to security and surveillance applications, but advances in technology have elevated their performance to meet the demands of video broadcasting. The convenience of broadcast PTZ cameras is unparalleled; a single operator can remotely control multiple cameras from a control room, removing the need for a dedicated camera operator for each camera. Additionally, you can install our broadcast PTZ camera systems in hard-to-reach locations within lecture halls, classrooms, courtrooms, and town halls. Each Ikan broadcast PTZ camera is not only equipped with high-quality optical lenses and image processing sensors but also supports NDI, SDI, and HDMI video outputs and is powered over Ethernet (PoE). Complementing our broadcast PTZ cameras, Ikan also offers a range of IP-compatible PTZ camera controllers. Lastly, for multi-camera professional broadcast applications, Ikan offers PTZ camera kits that bundle two or three broadcast PTZ cameras with controllers for easy all-in-one solutions.