The Advantages of Wireless Video Transmitters and Receivers

When you’re at the helm of a professional video production, it’s always smart to look for ways to make your set safer, more convenient, and up to date in terms of technology. Instead of dealing with the hassle of extra wires on set, consider using wireless video transmitters and receivers for your production needs. Below, we’ll dive into the advantages of wireless video transmitters and receivers so you can see just how convenient and beneficial these devices are.

Introduces Simplicity

Upgrading your video production technology on set is always useful but sometimes, as with learning to use any new piece of tech, it can be quite frustrating or confusing to master. What’s great about using wireless video transmitters and receivers is how they make production easier to carry out, not harder. As we’ll get into later, being beholden to outlet locations and wire length can be incredibly stressful. Luckily, removing those wires from the picture takes that stress away and, in turn, provides your set with more creative freedom than before.

Enhances Mobility

Since wireless devices don’t have to be constantly connected to an outlet, you can move them pretty much anywhere you want on set. This gives you a lot of creative freedom when filming your production, instead of being beholden to the nearest outlet. Even if you have a suitable number of outlets on set, the length of the wires themselves can also throw a wrench in your mobility. With wireless video transmitters and receivers, you can move the camera where you want instead of having to design filming around the limits of your technology.

Improves Safety

The fewer wires on set, the better. Not just because of the factors above, but also because of the tripping hazard they present. Video transmitters and receivers with wires can lead to both injuries and property damage if someone trips over them. Thankfully, with wireless devices, you don’t have to worry about it. This doesn’t mean to throw safety precautions out the window; it simply means you have one less hazard to worry about. Even if someone doesn’t trip over the wires, if you move around wired devices, you still run the risk of catching them on nearby objects and causing property damage.

As you can see, the advantages of wireless video transmitters and receivers are far from being small. These devices make a big impact on your set, not only in the creative freedom it gives you, but also in the safety standards it allows you to uphold. At Ikan, we can provide you with a high-quality wireless video transmitter and receiver so you can keep your set safe, flexible, and professional.