What To Look for in a Live Streaming Video Camera

Live streaming can be as easy as using your laptop’s webcam, but that’s not going to cut it for high-quality, professional productions. To stand out from other streamers online, you have to be meticulous with choices like what type of video camera you use. Below, you’ll learn what to look for in a live streaming video camera, so you can avoid making easy mistakes while shopping around.

High Resolution

Live streaming doesn’t call for the IMAX format, but that certainly doesn’t mean image quality isn’t a priority. For your streams to come off as professional, you have to buy a camera that delivers high-resolution images to your audience. Consider aiming for a camera that delivers 4K resolution or, at the very least, a 1080p HD output. 4K resolution is a great way to make your stream stand out, separating you from other streamers using lower-quality gear.

Stable Frame Rate

High resolution is excellent on its own; however, matching it with a high frame rate will help you deliver incredible image quality to viewers. Buying a camera that offers HD or 4K video at 60fps results in a much smoother, cleaner video for your audience.

Frame drops aren’t uncommon during live streams, but they are distracting, so preventing them is crucial. In some cases, a higher frame rate comes at the cost of lower resolution and vice versa. The key is to find a streaming camera that can give you both, which indeed do exist.

Sufficient Battery Life

It’s essential to invest in a camera that can keep up with your schedule. In other words, the camera you buy should come with a battery life that aligns with your streaming duration. Unfortunately, refueling a live streaming camera isn’t as easy as swapping out the batteries in your TV remote. When perusing the market for a live streaming camera, good battery life should be at the top of your priority list.

With a better comprehension of what to look for in a live streaming video camera, you can finally begin shopping the market for the right tech to fit your production needs. Aside from the right camera, make sure to collect additional video gear such as wireless video transmission systems.

Additional tech like that and more can make your streaming experience more convenient and professional. Always be sure to buy from reliable brands and suppliers to ensure you’re getting the necessary quality and reliability level with your purchase.