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Emphasizing high-quality illumination, the Ikan’s Lyra Series of soft panel LED lights are designed using 97+ High-CRI LED chips, offering consistent, adjustable brightness across various color temperatures, complemented by an intuitive single knob control for both brightness and temperature.

Ikan’s Lyra Lights are available in popular 2-Point, 3-Point, and 5-Point lighting kits. Each variant ensures the delivery of soft, radiant light that diminishes harsh shadows, making them an indispensable tool for any video project, from studio broadcasts to live events. Understanding the diverse requirements of our professional customers, we’ve curated these light kits as turnkey solutions. Included with the Lyra lights are robust light stands and a heavy-duty carrying case, ensuring ease of transport and setup. Prospective users can choose between daylight and bi-color configurations, catering to distinct lighting ambiances. Moreover, for advanced operational flexibility, we offer options in Pro-Battery (with support for both Sony V-Mount and Anton Bauer G-Mount batteries) and 5-Pin DMX512 configurations.

If you have any questions about our products or require assistance in finding the right lighting for your project, contact the team at Ikan today. Our team is made up of passionate professionals just like you who will help you find the LED soft light panels you need.