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Designed for the rigors of field production and Electronic News Gathering (ENG) environments, Ikan’s Lyra Field & ENG lights stand out for their cutting-edge lighting technology and professional-grade craftsmanship. As part of the popular Lyra Series, these LED soft panel lights are renowned for their ability to produce brilliant, soft illumination with pristine shadows. The 97+ High-CRI LED chips, coupled with a meticulously engineered soft diffusion panel, ensure that the emitted light not only enhances the visual aesthetics but also maintains consistent accuracy across varying color temperatures. For professionals on the move, its robust construction is compatible with both Sony-V Mount and Anton Bauer G-Mount batteries, emphasizing its utility in mobile production setups. The panel’s single-knob brightness and temperature control, coupled with a clear LED settings readout, offer unmatched user experience. Whether integrated into OB Vans, production trucks, or stationed at field and studio houses, the Lyra Field & ENG LED light panel remains a trusted tool for creators striving for excellence in video production.

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