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In the world of professional video lighting, it’s crucial to have precise control in order to shape and cut a light source. Recognizing this need, Ikan has meticulously crafted an array of light modifiers tailored for our acclaimed Lyra LED soft light panels. Whether you’re setting up in a state-of-the-art broadcast studio or lighting the perfect scene on location, Ikan’s light modifiers are designed to meet the exacting demands of professionals. Among the offerings are honeycombs available in both 30 and 60-degree configurations, which facilitate controlled light directionality, minimizing spill and focusing the beam. Similarly, our 40-degree egg crates provide enhanced light shaping capabilities, ensuring that the emitted light is both soft and directional. For those who seek even greater flexibility in shaping their light source, our barn doors are an invaluable addition, allowing for a precise cut and control of the light’s edge. When integrated with Lyra’s 97+ High-CRI LED chips, these light modifiers ensure that every production is illuminated to perfection, elevating the visual narrative. Dive into Ikan’s extensive light modifier range and illuminate your projects with precision, quality, and reliability.

If you have any questions about our products or require assistance in finding the right lighting for your project, contact the team at Ikan today. Our team is made up of passionate professionals just like you who will help you find the LED soft light panels you need.

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