We just released an upgrade to the popular ES-T17-A handheld camera cage rig by Tilta: the ES-T27 and ES-T27-A (with wooden handle trigger). The ES-T27-A brings back the popular Arri standard rosette wooden handle with the start/stop trigger that users loved from the old model.

Designed specifically for use with the Sony a6000, a6300, and a6500, the ES-T27 and ES-T27-A camera cage rigs provide great support for your camera. These fully enclosed unibody camera rigs are made from one piece of CNC machined aluminum. The new camera cage rigs maintain the sleek design, professional build, and uncompromising machining quality typical of Tilta products while introducing several never-before-seen cage features that will impress current and future A6 series shooters.

With the upgrade, the camera cage rigs now have a solution to chronic overheating: a new active cooling system, which provides much needed heat-exchange for the camera. To prevent the mercury from rising, the camera cage rigs utilize the active cooling system, which is driven by a quiet electric fan and multiple heat-sync modules. This new feature prevents frustrating downtime and lost footage that usually comes from overheating issues.

In addition to this feature, the rig has a 15mm lightweight support baseplate with an integrated lens adapter and an integrated 15mm rail system. The lens adapter is compatible with EF to E-Mount and PL to E-Mount Metabones adapters. The quick release rail design allows the cage to easily connect or detach from the baseplate. In addition, the function buttons, jacks, and battery compartment are all accessible while mounted in the ES-T27-A and ES-T27 cages.

Built out of high quality aluminum-alloy and stainless steel, these handheld camera cage rigs provide a great way to keep your camera secure on your shoots.

“The ES-T27 cage is a great addition for a6 series filmmakers. It gives you the flexibility of a Cine rig without sacrificing the portability of your a6 camera. Add in the built-in cooling fan and you can shoot all day without worrying about your camera holding you back from the shot,” says Macon Leiper, Product Manager.

For more information about the ES-T27-A and ES-T27, please see ikancorp.com.