We would like to introduce a bright new addition to our line of LED lights: the Mylo. Available in either Bi-Color (MB8) or Daylight (MW8), Mylo LED lights offer a wide variety of lighting options within a compact package for cinematographers. The Mylo boasts 800 LED lights with 45 degree lenses on top – double the amount of LEDs in past lights.

Made out of heavy duty construction, the Mylo is extremely portable and packs a punch, allowing you to have a bright light in a very small package. With a big yellow knob on the back of the light, you can easily control the light’s brightness and color temperature and see the settings on the back display.

The Mylo includes barn doors that have removable intensifiers as well as a yoke, mount, and a neutral diffusion filter. Durability and versatility are key features of this impressive LED light. With a heavy duty metal chassis, the light can endure any harsh field environment while the strong steel tension knobs on the yoke securely lock the light in place at all times. The new Mylo lights work in conjunction with DV batteries such as the Sony “L” batteries or with AC power supply.

The Mylo LED lights are available as individual lights or in kits of 2, 3, and 5, which include a light stand, bag, batteries, a charger, the lights, and AC power. These lights are great for lighting the news, documentaries, corporate videos, music videos, and even if you’re just shooting a YouTube video.

“The new Mylo LED lights are exceptionally bright, making it an exciting addition to portable LED lighting solutions from Ikan,” says Barry Garcia, Product Manager.

For more information about the Mylo LED lights, please see ikancorp.com.