Famed American Photographer and Environmentalist, Ansel Adams, once said, “Photography, as a powerful medium of expression and communications, offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution.”

Fortunately for us, we got to spend a few days in a convention hall full of photographers and got to get their perspectives on photography and chat about where cameras and other technology are headed. Our team recently traveled to New York City for PhotoPlus, a conference and expo specifically for photographers. It is the largest photography and imaging event in North America with over 21,000 professional photographers, photography enthusiasts, videographers, and more attending.

At the show, we had a booth showcasing our latest gimbals, NiSi filters, and more. The show was very busy for us, but we were excited to meet photographers and others that were interested in our products. At PhotoPlus, we were surprised by the excitement and response that we got from photographers for our video products. People were very impressed by the gimbals and these products became the stars of the show for us especially our latest gimbal stabilizer, the EC1. The gimbals were great because they appealed to the widest range of people. In addition, many photographers were very interested in the EC1 and its potential to drive more business. For example, a photographer can use an EC1 to shoot behind-the-scenes footage as well as to create simple videos to promote their photography business. He or she would just need an assistant with a gimbal to shoot and get behind-the-scenes footage that could be used to show clients their photography work.

In addition, many photographers were excited to see the NiSi filters that we carry. We talked to commercial photographers, landscape photographers, and architectural photographers and they all liked the NiSi system. In addition, we also had medium format shooters come to our booth to look at the NiSi filter line.

At the show, we were able to talk to Sony and they told us how much they liked our tripods. We also found out that Sony used our gear such as a Tilta rig, two E-Image tripods, and a follow focus at their booth, which was great.

What’s a trade show without giveaways? For PhotoPlus, we had a raffle and gave away a DS1, a Fly-X3-PLUS, an iLED-MA, an iLED-MS, and a Piatto light (PL90). Photos of the winners are below:

At the show, we noticed that every booth was talking about video. This was interesting since PhotoPlus is traditionally a photography show. Also, there was a big emphasis on photography systems at the show. With current technology, everything is a complete system (i.e. Using a Canon Speedlite on a Canon camera with a Canon lens). Along with more integrated solutions, we noticed that there was a bigger emphasis on smart technology as well.

Overall, the show went very well and we were able to introduce our brand to the photography market. It was a very good educational experience for the photography community since we were able to introduce many of them to gimbals. We were also able to show that video is something that photographers can utilize for their businesses. It’s relatively easy to pick up and would be a great way to showcase their business.

Thanks to everyone that came out and visited our booth. We hope to see you next year!

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