Working from home is convenient, but that doesn’t mean your workstation is up to par with the office. Remote working typically calls for various tools for accommodating the location shift. To help you adjust accordingly, we’ll discuss three pieces of essential gear for working from home.

High-Quality Lighting

Whether you’re streaming live videos or teaching virtual classes, having good lighting is essential. Broadcasting with poor lighting is distracting to the audience. To keep all eyes and attention on you, obtain some high-quality accent lights, ring lights, or micro floodlights. The specific light you should choose depends on the application and workstation layout.

High-quality production gear helps your work from home situation run smoothly and look just as professional as it does in the office. Live streamers who primarily work at home need the right gear—including professional-grade lighting—to stand out from the competition.

Ergonomic Chairs

Always complete any task that requires sitting for extended periods from the comfort of an ergonomic chair. Discussing the essential gear for working from home requires focusing on comfortable chairs because they’re more important than some people realize. A good chair ensures you can maintain a healthy posture while you work. Bad posture is a common problem across various industries, and bad chairs are frequently the culprit.

First, this is essential for preventing aches and pains from plaguing your back or neck over time. Plus, bad posture doesn’t look professional in front of the camera, so having a supportive chair will help you avoid hunching over or sitting awkwardly during video meetings.


If your job involves holding meetings or conducting presentations with others, teleprompters are a great tool for staying on track. They are commonplace at large speeches, but they can benefit people working from home, too.

These devices are more versatile than you might assume—you can plug in an entire script or just a list of bullet points, whichever helps you stay on topic consistently. While also a helpful reference point, a properly setup teleprompter ensures you maintain strong eye contact through your meeting or speech. Visit Ikan if you’d like to buy teleprompters and additional production accessories for keeping your operation professional and convenient.