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Video Ministry Program

ikan is a company founded on Christian principles and continues to remain an openly Christian company. To that end, we have a strong desire to aid ministries the world over, specifically in the realm of video film production.

As an incentive to participate in the Video Ministry Program, we offer discounts to Christian ministries. Much of our product lines--including teleprompters, camera support, LCD monitors, batteries and other production gear--is available through this program. As with any program of this type, the variable factors of demand and availability of product, as well as the product lifecycle, must dictate when products become available to Video Ministry end-users.

Generally, we do not make new products available to the Video Ministry discounting until the products have been in wide distribution for at least three months. That being said, our commitment to those ministering through media remains high. We are waiting to hear from missionaries and ministers, pastors and lay people, as to how we can help you spread God's message through media.

We ask that Ministry Leaders follow these simple guidelines for requests in order to keep things as simple and efficient as possible:

  1. The request must come directly from the Ministry Leader, along with some form of identification for the organization. This initial contact can be done via an email, snail mail or a phone call. The following are acceptable forms:
  2. • Tax ID # (valid only for ministries in the United States)
    • Letter from Ministry Leader written via email.
    • Another form of identification which can adequately verify the legitimacy of the ministry (this could be as simple as a letter explaining your vision and needs on personal letterhead).
  3. The Ministry Leader must then “like” our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/ikanvideoministry), and send an additional email to ikan CC’ing a senior pastor, outlining the desired production equipment and usage. In this stage, ikan can discuss with you desired production equipment to better serve your needs.
  4. Once the price has been confirmed and payment arrangements have been made, the items will be shipped from our warehouse.

  • After you use our equipment, we ask that you from time to time post projects and pictures of your efforts (with our products in use) on our Video Ministry Facebook page. In doing so, you enable ikan to help share your stories with the world.
  • Additionally, we'd like permission to share your story with others through various promotional materials such as newsletters without further compensation for use.

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