Saga High Bright Monitor
The Ikan Saga line of LCD monitors is designed to help you tell your story. The 7" super bright SX7 is designed with high end features, durability, and field use in mind. The SX7 is viewable in even the brightest conditions with its super bright 2000 nit LCD panel. With the aluminum chassis and gorilla glass, the SX7 is able to survive any production shoot. The monitor's high end software features such as scopes and 3D-LUTs help you get the right shot the first time.
Stryder SB200
The Stryder SB200 is a 5" Fresnel light that can change from a wide beam angle to a tight beam with the click of a latch. It's easy to move the Stryder around on set due to its lightweight Nylon-Resin body and easy setup. With ease of portability and great features, the Stryder SB200 Bi-Color LED is all you need on set.
Ikan DMX Lighting
From LED panels to fresnels, Ikan's got you covered on a multitude of DMX options. Popular lighting panels such as the Lyra and Rayden lines are also available in DMX variations! Don't miss out on the Stryder SB200, the large Lyra Soft Studio panels, White Stars, and Red Stars.
Light Comparison Chart
Ikan offers a multitude of LED lights that cater to different sets. Compare pricing and specs of popular LED panels such as Lyra, Rayden, Mylo, and Onyx lights.
Rayden LED Series
The Rayden LED light is equipped with high CRI 45-degree lenses and is extremely bright! The bi-color temperatures deliver solid high color fidelity. Get them in a multitude of sizes, bi-color or daylight, kits, and even DMX variations.
MSB8 Mylo Soft
Ikan's Mylo Soft Bi-Color 3200K-5600K Half x 1 Field LED Light combines high CRI LED chips with a soft panel for a beautiful soft wrapping light. Its 3200K-5600K bi-color adjustability and high 95+ CRI LEDs provide high color fidelity with a constant brightness across all color temperatures for all lightning scenarios.
Saga S7H High Bright Monitor
The Ikan Saga™ line of on-camera LCD monitors are high resolution and extremely portable. The Saga S7H is a 7" high bright monitor with both HDMI and 3G-SDI inputs and outputs (loop-through). This versatile and affordable monitor is designed for the run and gun shooter. The S7H differentiates itself from other high bright monitors by being slim, lightweight, and affordable.
DH7 and DH7-DK Price Reduction!
Save $100 on the DH7 and the DH7-DK Deluxe Kit. The Ikan DH7 7" Full HD monitor features 4K HDMI capabilities all within a lightweight, affordable package. Click the banner to save today!