PTZ cameras can serve many applications, from surveillance to broadcasting. Although this means it may help your production needs, you shouldn’t rush out to buy PTZ cameras without learning how you can tailor the purchase to the aforementioned needs. You can find out what to consider when choosing a PTZ camera today if you want to update your inventory with high-quality and useful gear.

Tech Specs

A critical component to keep in mind when browsing PTZ cameras is the technical specifications. As with any camera, PTZ units vary in important ways. For example, you can find models that support 4K resolution at 60 fps. However, if your production only requires the camera to support 1080p at 60 fps, don’t worry; PTZ cameras with those specs are available, too.

This is why it’s critical to sift carefully through online listings for PTZ cameras; each detail will show you how the camera will impact your set. Likewise, what do you need out of the camera’s zoom capabilities? Whether you need a 12x or 20x optical zoom, you can find models that suit those requirements.

Optimal Quantity

How many PTZ cameras do you need for your production? The compact size of PTZ cameras makes them ideal for operating in groups when the coverage calls for it. For instance, our PTZ cameras at Ikan come individually, or you can buy them in sets of two or three with a controller.

That way, you can easily cover a wide range of angles with the pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities of the titular equipment. The size and weight of these cameras also ensure a straightforward experience when you want to move them around set to find the perfect angle.

Mounting Location

Beyond the details above, what you need to consider when choosing a PTZ camera is where you will place it on the set. This is a helpful detail to consider when shopping because equipment requirements fluctuate depending on how you’re going to use the cameras. For example, our selection of PTZ cameras at Ikan includes models with tripods, for those who want to use that support system.

However, additional support systems are available for accomplishing ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted PTZ setups. If you keep your application in mind when shopping, you can find the best approach for your new PTZ camera arrangement.