The “all in one take” shot; these complex types of shots are nothing new, but when it is done accurately it commands the audience to take notice. Recently, the guys from Pier Pictures contacted us to see if we wanted to contribute equipment for production of a music video that they were preparing to film. However, this wasn’t just an ordinary music video – this production had an interesting approach: The whole music video was to be filmed underwater, all in one take. Robert McHugh, Co-director of the music video, said that the goal of this video was, to create a dramatic and anxious experience keeping the audience in an unbroken moment of tension.

Once they had the concept, they needed to find away to execute the idea, as not everyone can hold their breath for five minutes or more. That’s where former World Champion and World Record holder for Freediving, Marina Kazankova, comes in to play. She had recently moved to Los Angeles when they connected with her, and according to Robert they got very lucky because there are only handful of people in the world who can do what she can.  Marina was the linchpin to the production which allowed them to film the way they envisioned it, “She was wonderful to work with and watching her perform is extremely impressive.” said Robert.

Ikan monitors, the D12 and VX7i, were used to help them see and direct Marina and the crew while they were in the tank. The D12 was used as the Director’s monitor at video village and the VX7i was set up as courtesy monitor for the band and other crew. Robert said that our monitors he used for the shoot was an imperative tool allowing them to see and communicate the action calls to the divers and Marina to make quick adjustments. Also he continued on to say that ” The colors on screen were true and accurate, which was crucial to getting the image dialed in below the surface and the monitors were the perfect fit for the project.”

Needless to say this was truly amazing to see this project come together like it did. We are very proud of the Robert McHugh, T.S. Pfeffer, and the rest of the cast/crew  and we congratulate them on on a job well done. We are exited to see what they come up with for their next project!

Highly Suspect “Lydia” full Credits list:

Directed by: T.S. Pfeffer &Robert McHugh

produced by: Pier Pictures (@pierpictures)

starring: Marina Kazankova (

production designer: Rudie Schaefer

underwater camera operator: Pascal Combes-Knoke

underwater coordinator: Robert Trussell

lead safety diver: Grant Graves

grip and safety divers: Bobby Settlemire & Jeff Kincheloe

makeup artist: Christina Cofran

camera tech: Tom Jordan

production assistant: Ben Hausdorff

filmed at: Acton Scuba Services (


Special Thanks:

Linden Wolbert


HD Planet Cameras 

Hydroflex (

Alley Cats (