The actor Paul Lynde once said, “A room is like a stage. If you see it without lighting, it can be the coldest place in the world.” Whether you’re in a room or in a grand concert hall, not having the proper lighting will ruin the whole experience. The same goes for lighting on a film set or even if you’re just doing a simple interview. You want to make sure that the end product will look great.

When it comes to choosing a light, you have a plethora of options. Since LEDs are traditionally used for news productions or corporate settings and are becoming more popular on film sets, we will focus on those types of lights. In one of our recent blog posts, we discussed how to choose an Ikan lighting kit. Here, we’ll discuss the different LED light panels we have including the Lyra, Rayden, and Mylo LED lights.

Lyra Soft Lights

When you use a Lyra LED soft light, it creates a soft wrapping effect on objects as well as a nice, clean shadow. These lights are more diffused, soft and flowy. The soft light’s yoke has strong steel tension knobs that can lock the light into place at any angle. Also, the Lyra soft lights have a large yellow control knob on the back to adjust the brightness and DMX channels. One of the biggest benefits of using a soft light like the Lyra is that everyone looks good under soft lighting. Lyra LED soft lights come in bi-color as well as daylight.

With AB and V-mount pro battery plates, these soft lights are versatile and are great for shooting corporate videos and documentaries. They are the softest lights that Ikan has currently. If you’re part of a news crew or are making an independent film, using a soft light is great for creating a narrative.

Rayden LED Lights

With a high CRI and 45-degree lenses, the line of Rayden LED lights are harder than Lyra soft lights and extremely bright. These Rayden lights create sharper edges and harder shadows than Lyra lights. They come with AB and V-mount pro battery plates along with reliable barndoors with intensifiers. Rayden LED lights create strong, harder, more specular light than Lyra soft lights. The Rayden LED lights are great tools for news crews that want to light a reporter on a scene. Also, they are excellent for green screen effects and other chroma keying situations. If you need to light a background and your subject, all you would need are 3-5 lights.

Mylo Lights

Our newest lights are the Mylo lights; we will be releasing this line of lights soon. Compared to the Lyra and Rayden lights, the Mylo lights are smaller and use Sony L DV batteries. In terms of lighting, the Mylo lights are like Rayden LED lights. Both aren’t true hard lights, but create more of an enveloping light. Mylo lights are perfect for filming documentaries and in a corporate setting. Because of their small size, Mylo lights are easier to transport, pack away in a vehicle, and set up for an interview or B roll footage. The Mylo lights are rugged, thin, and have a higher number of LEDs than our previous lights of this size. Even though a Mylo light is smaller, it still packs in 800 LEDs and is 2.5 times brighter than previous lights. These LED lights come in Bi-color and Daylight and will come in 2-point, 3-point, and mixed lighting kits soon.

One light in particular, the Mylo 4 will only come in bi-color and comes as an upgrade to the iLED312-v2. The Mylo 4 is almost twice as bright and serves as an on-camera or kit light. Mylo lights are also perfect for the education sector. Whether you’re a student in a Radio/Television/Film program in college or in a TV program in high school, you’ll find that Mylo lights are helpful. It’s easy to set up the proper lighting conditions for shoots since Mylo lights are smaller, more rugged, and easier to use. It’s a robust light with a stronger yoke and metal knobs and it’s great for people with limited budgets.

The Right LED Light Panel for You

So which LED light panel is right for you? It just depends on what your goals and budget are. The Lyra soft light would be perfect for someone looking for professional soft lights. If you want something to create sharper edges, the Rayden LED lights do the job. The Mylo lights are great for those looking for budget-friendly and portable lights. Just remember: the right lighting can make a difference.


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