The Benefits of Using Wireless Follow Focus

Maintaining a properly focused image requires strong precision and timing techniques. That’s where the benefits of using wireless follow focus systems come in. These devices allow for more movement in front of, and behind, the camera without compromising your production’s picture quality. In fact, implementing a wireless follow focus system can deliver you the best image clarity your production has ever seen.

Accurate Focus Means Sharper Images

With a wireless follow focus system on your production, you can capture sharper images at a more efficient pace. Using a good follow focus system allows the focus puller to capture more detailed images for your broadcast. By doing this, you can better engage and connect with your audience throughout the duration of your shoot.

Optimized for Capturing Movement

Because of the precision of a follow focus system, these devices are great at capturing movement without compromising clarity. For instance, if you have someone in frame coming from the background to the foreground, you need to keep them in focus. With a wireless follow focus system, the focus puller can smoothly adjust the focus to match the action, maintaining a clear image at all times.

Offers Versatility on Set

By combining a wireless follow focus system with a wireless camera rig, you have increased camera versatility on set. That means that when you’re capturing movement in front of the camera, you can also have more freedom of movement behind the camera as well. You can let your camera movement flow with the action to create a smooth image that retains high picture clarity.

The benefits of using wireless follow focus systems can be enough to completely transform smaller productions. At Ikan, we can provide your production with a comprehensive follow focus system to enhance versatility and image clarity on your set. That way, you can present yourself to the audience in the best way possible.