Must-Know Tips for Setting Up Your Video Lighting

Lighting is one of the essential components of any video production. Too little or too much light can hurt your content, but the perfect balance can help you create deliberate, captivating visions. If you’re trying to find the right look for your content, try these must-know tips for setting up your video lighting.

Know Your Bulbs

Lighting is critical to video production. The three common bulbs for video productions are LED, fluorescent, and tungsten bulbs. Your fluorescent lights will bring a warm tone to the frame, while tungsten bulbs create a cooler image.

However, if you want the ability to switch between both tones without worry, you should use LED lights. You can expand your control of the LED lights through a comprehensive studio lighting system, such as DMX setups. DMX systems and LED bulbs are an excellent pairing for those who want total control over their visuals, whether you’re filming a stage play or a TV broadcast.

Consider Your Environment

Among the most valuable tips for setting up your video lighting is to always consider the environment. The lighting conditions you experience in the studio and the conditions outside will be drastically different. In the studio, you’ll need to collect and arrange the right lights.

When you shoot outside, you can use the sun to your advantage. The sun’s warm glow is often a suitable lighting solution, but it can be overly harsh at times. Thus, if you’re shooting outside, bring along some diffusers and ND (neutral density) filters to reduce the sun’s glare on your subjects.

Remember the Essentials

If you’re unsure of the perfect lighting solution for any set, step back and look at the essentials. In other words, when in doubt, start with a basic three-point lighting arrangement. The three-point setup provides you control over the frame’s shadows and visual depth. Then, you can start making tweaks.

For instance, if you’re still lacking the visual depth you desire, try a four-point lighting arrangement, which uses background light to deliver on that idea. Start experimenting with these tips so that you can always find your ideal lighting solution on set.