A teleprompter is one of the most invaluable tools in a wide array of video production projects. Even professionals need the assistance of a teleprompter sometimes. Well, this production tool isn’t simply for reading a script word-for-word; its benefits stretch farther, though uploading scripts can be beneficial, as you’ll learn below.

Furthermore, this device ensures you can remain concise and on-topic with your content. In addition, video production isn’t the only industry utilizing teleprompters. Suffice it to say, some industries benefit more from this asset than others. Browse the list below to find the industries and vertical markets that utilize teleprompters regularly.

What Are Teleprompters?

Beam-splitter glass teleprompters feature two key components: a monitor and a reflective glass surface. The monitor is where you’ll upload the script or talking points, but it’s not where you read directly from during presentations.

In your beam-splitter setup, the monitor lays flat, facing upward at the glass surface. Once you power the monitor, whatever you upload will blast onto the reflective glass for the speaker to see. In other words, this means that you can load a full script into the machine for a speaker, ensuring each sentence contains crucial details instead of needless rambling or tangents.

Even if you know what you’re talking about, leading a lengthy speech can be full of awkward slip-ups or pauses if you don’t adequately prepare. In this case, preparation certainly includes setting up a teleprompter.

However, a teleprompter is still a great asset for those who want a more free-flowing discussion while still ensuring they hit specific key phrases or discussion points. For instance, you can put together a list of the information you want to mention, in the order you want to say it, and have it ready in the teleprompter.

In addition, you can find teleprompters that allow the user to add a tablet for the monitor. For example, at Ikan, we have a teleprompter to buy online if your production requires the convenience of personal iPads, Amazon Fire, and other common tablets. Thus, your setup can be easier to move around and optimize for each speech, video shoot, or news broadcast.

Broadcast News

News anchors deliver a wide array of stories, from fun to tragic and everything in between. For this reason, professional anchors must sound natural and prepared when delivering reports. Unlike on the average movie shoot, you don’t have the luxury of studying lines well in advance for news broadcasts.

So, how do the best anchors deliver their lines with such conviction and nuance? One of the most effective tools for accomplishing this feat is a teleprompter. Thanks to teleprompters, the production team can load news stories in, set the screen up off-camera, and give the anchors the perfect reference point.

As mentioned above, teleprompters are for more than reading lines word-for-word. That said, uploading complete scripts is remarkably advantageous to anchors specifically. This is especially useful if the anchor is a true professional who flows from line to line flawlessly. In doing so, the network can ensure each story is full of meaningful and concise details for the viewer to absorb.

Video Shoots

By “video shoots,” we’re referring to entertainment industry productions such as film, TV, and other similar endeavors. Even if you’re shooting a music video that features dialogue outside of the music, teleprompters are helpful. Some on-screen talent will excel at memorizing lines, needing no reference points whatsoever.

However, some actors have incredible talent on the big and small screens but struggle with remembering dialogue. Thankfully, having a teleprompter with their dialogue off-camera will help actors keep the flow of dialogue natural and engaging.

Besides simply helping actors remember lines, teleprompters can assist without making it obvious when actors look at the screen. You can set up a quality teleprompter to match eye lines perfectly, ensuring actors are in character the whole time.

Like news anchors, if the audience can see an actor constantly looking off-screen, it will take them out of the escapism. Instead of believing what the actor is saying as their character, the audience will see them as nothing more than an actor saying dialogue.

So, as you can see, a teleprompter is not a crutch for actors. Instead, it can be a critical tool for maintaining the illusion of your story, whether a sit-com, music video intro, or independent film. Now, let’s move on to teleprompter applications outside of video productions: speeches.


Of course, a speech isn’t an industry, nor is it a vertical market. That said, speeches are something that business owners, school principals, and various industry leaders frequently deliver throughout the year. For instance, if you’re live broadcasting a speech or presentation company-wide, uploading your notes for the teleprompter ensures your ideas flow smoothly and have a deliberate, smart structure.

Beyond virtual speeches, teleprompters are great for in-person events too. Luckily, you can quickly locate teleprompters that are discreet and easy to move around your stage. As a result, you can conveniently find the perfect spot for the device, ensuring the speaker can see their speech or talking points.

Plus, being forward-thinking with your teleprompter setup will help you find a spot that’s convenient for the speaker but not frustrating to the audience. For instance, if your teleprompter is blocking the first row’s eye line, that’s a problem. Unfortunately, it is easy to forget how the teleprompter looks from the in-person audience’s point of view, so run a few tests.

After all, teleprompters help speech-givers look more professional, not less. Similar to the video productions and broadcast news stations, anyone giving a speech should have the illusion of seeming like they know every word perfectly. That way, whether you’re taking a rigid or free-flowing approach, the audience is focusing on your words, not your eye line.

Finding Professional-Grade Teleprompters

As you can see, the industries and vertical markets that utilize teleprompters are eclectic. Still, each application comes down to the same principle: delivering lines with purpose and clarity. So, if a teleprompter can improve your workplace needs, start looking for the perfect option today.

As with any professional-grade production tool, ensure you’re buying teleprompters from reputable sources. That way, you can invest in a device that is integral to the workplace instead of simply providing temporary help.

Industries and Vertical Markets That Utilize Teleprompters