HOUSTON, Texas, (January 12, 2017) – Ikan has just released an upgrade to the original Remote Air lens control system: the Remote Air 2. The Remote Air 2 wireless follow focus is not just a new generation of the Remote Air, it’s a new experience. With the Remote Air 2, the motor has been redesigned to weigh only 170g and is now built in to the receiver. Imported from Germany, the high precision brushless motor can drive professional camera lenses such as the Angenieux, Arri Ultra, and Cooke. It is PD Movie’s thinnest and lightest motor ever. The motors are quiet and accurate with a low profile design that measures only 19mm, making it perfect for gimbal and Steadicam work.

The Remote Air 2 has a unique glow-in-the-dark marking ring that achieves automatic decimal alignment simultaneously when it is attached to the controller rotary table. After optimization, the new Remote Air 2 wireless follow focus can reach a resolution of 7200. With a full and accurate OLED display screen, you can easily see important information such as the signal strength, percentage of battery remaining, and the receiver’s voltage. In addition, the system uses 2.4G wireless technology and a full duplex mode for signal transmission to ensure that there are no delays. The controller utilizes a USB charging interface and can be used for more than 30 hours under normal temperatures.

The Remote Air 2 wireless lens control system is great for 1st ACs and filmmakers. The Remote Air 2 comes in either a single channel wireless lens control system (PD1-N) or a dual channel (PD2-N).

“The Remote Air 2 enhances what was already great from the original Remote Air. By upgrading the system to the new PD Movie motor system, the Remote Air 2 continues to be a sleek, simple, and powerful lens control system for focus pullers,” says Julio Ramon, Product Manager.

For more information about the PD1-N and the PD2-N, please see ikancorp.com.

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