After a whirlwind of trade shows these past couple of months, we are finally back from our last trade show of the year – the Government Video Expo 2016. This expo showcases video, broadcast, streaming, display, and delivery technologies and also provides a range of educational opportunities for media professionals in TV and production for federal, state and local government, law enforcement, and education.

We saw a bunch of resellers at the show including Adorama, CEI, and WPS along with a few manufacturers and drones. The gimbals were again the hot items at the expo. In addition, attendees liked the field monitors, the MOTOR1-ES70-KIT motorized video slider kit, the PT1200 teleprompter, and the WS-F350. Along with government attendees, we met many film students and professors as well. At the show, we also did a few giveaways with prizes such as the FLY-X3-PLUS, a production slate, Ikan sunglasses, and Ikan t-shirts.

Even though most of the attendees were locals, we were still able to meet a few people from other countries such as one guy from Nigeria. He did a course in filmmaking in South Africa and also another in cinematography in Switzerland. He eventually made it over to the United States to start his career. He travels back and forth from the US to other places including three cities in Nigeria to train students on filmmaking. A couple of his students have even come to America and are now all in filmmaking careers. It’s always inspiring to hear stories about people passionate about telling stories and making films.

Overall, the government video expo was a nice expo to end the year.

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