When you think of video equipment and lighting, the first thing that usually comes to mind is a movie set. However, there are many places other than a movie set that rely on good video equipment. One place that depends on great audio and video equipment is a church. What kind of production equipment does Ikan offer to help make a church’s TV ministry look even better than ever?

DMX Lighting

Assuming that the church already has cameras, another important thing to have is DMX lighting. For a church, lighting can make a big difference in conveying different themes, emotions, and more. With DMX controllable LED lights such as the White Star or Red Star Fresnel lights from Ikan, churches can create a variety of looks or moods during a service. For example, all the lights can be turned up to highlight the entire pulpit. You can also use the DMX controller to highlight or emphasize the minister during his sermon or even shine a spotlight on a particular choir member or soloist. During the offering, you can also shine all the lights on the choir, band, or singer only.

In addition, LED lights are far more efficient than other lights and they will not only cut down on the amount of heat coming from them, but they can also help decrease the cost of the church’s electricity bills. Furthermore, adding DMX controllable lighting to a televised church service will also add more depth and make the service seem more dynamic and will come alive to the home viewer.

Besides lights, churches can also look into buying a production switcher that helps with switching between multiple camera sources as well as displaying graphics for readings, song words from hymnals, etc. Also, adding graphics systems like ProPresenter can help a church with Sunday services. With the proper LED lighting and a production switcher, churches can help create the right setting for the pastor, minister, etc. to drive a point home and deliver an effective message.

Camera Support and Monitors

Churches can also benefit from having additional video equipment such as tripods from brands like E-Image, dollies, and pedestals (tripods on wheels) for video cameras. Dollies are helpful because they make videos look smooth by allowing cameras to glide. Pedestals are great for churches because the column can be adjusted to go higher or lower so that the camera can be positioned above the parishioners.

In addition, on-camera monitors are very helpful for a cameraman so that he or she can focus better on a subject. Since many churches rely on a rotating team of volunteers, adding additional equipment like an on-camera monitor makes it easier for a volunteer to focus his/her camera quicker on an important message. With a 5” or 7” monitor, people can easily see what they are filming during the service without having to squint at the camera’s tiny viewfinder.

Bon Monitors are great post production tools when you’re editing video clips together. Features like waveform/vectorscope, under/overscan, audio level metering, and 10 bit signal processing allow an editor to really examine his footage and put out the best clips possible to air. These video clips can be used to display different things such as updates from the church’s missionary work, wedding/funeral announcements, volunteer opportunities, and child care services offered by the church.

Another great thing to have are JIB-01C jibs that help you get different camera shots that stationary cameras can’t always capture. Jibs add production value and help hold a viewer’s attention.

Trying to create a video for a church fundraiser? A teleprompter can come in handy for creating videos like this. The minister can easily sit on a chair and read off a script that is shown on a teleprompter. Overall, having effective lighting, a production switcher, camera support, and monitors will make your next church service even better.

Do you work in a church or know of someone that does? Are they taking advantage of all this equipment?

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