In a world where everyone demands mobile options, we are now able to provide that for sliders and follow focus systems.  The PD Movie Remote Air Pro (PD3) will impress users as a ground-breaking wireless follow focus system. Also, just released is the Magic Motor (MOTOR 1) for the ES Series Slider from E-Image which will quickly convert a manually operated camera slider into a precise imaging machine controlled wirelessly.

The goal of the PD Movie Remote Air Pro (PD3) was to create an innovative wireless follow focus with a rapid response system. In order to achieve such a distinctive design, they incorporated the high quality delicate touch screen of iOS devices, as well as combined the motor and receiver into a single unit for maximum convenience. The PD Movie Remote Air Pro represents a full range of advanced technology achievements that produce the most outstanding performance yet. Best of all, it barely makes any noise! Because of its internal structure, the controller motor accommodates both the driver and receiver making it lighter, thinner and extremely compact. The new Remote Air Pro is also built to withstand harsh environments including severe weather, extreme shaking and long-term operation. The low-profile design, which measures only 19mm, makes it the perfect choice for gimbal and steadicam work and can operate ANY lens on the market! The Remote Air Pro controller handwheel has a resolution of 7200 dpi which is 13.4 times more precise than the first generation Remote Air.

It takes very little time for the Magic Motor to seamlessly integrate with any E-Image ES Series slider. For the first time, three camera control modes allow users to achieve cinematic quality previously unavailable except to the highest levels of video production. The accurate, powerful stepless motor allows the camera to move in both vertical and horizontal positions without hesitation, all the while maintaining steady, anti-shake motion the entire time! But it’s the included shutter control that unlocks the real power of the Magic Motor’s software. It allows you to easily capture beautiful time-lapse video and stop motion images with the simple touch of a button. The Bluetooth app, available for both IOS and Android, provides the option of adjusting almost any parameter of operation. Once you combine this power and precision with an ES series slider, you will undoubtedly understand why it will be one of the best cinematic tools in anyone’s filmmaking belt.

“The need to be able to provide remote control from mobile devices is becoming very popular in the industry.  We were extremely excited to show off these two new products at this year’s NAB show,” says Product Manager Julio Ramon.