Houston, Texas-based Ikan International Corp. has introduced the new White Star 100w, 200w and 350w fresnel lights.

Houston, Texas – December 19, 2014

Ikan introduces 6 new fresnel lights. “We needed a fresnel that was powerful that would make people say wow. The White Stars work whenever I need bright, even light,” said Barry Garcia, Lighting Product Manager at Ikan. “The lights have been received very well by the lighting community. They are selling out as soon as we get them into stock. People like the price and the quality.”

The White Star Lights are the ideal light to use in any lighting situation. The four or six inch fresnel allows the light to be focused between flood or spot. The heavy duty aluminum housing is able to take the everyday wear and tear of lighting set-ups while still being light enough to move around efficiently and with less effort. White Stars are great to use in small contained scenes or on a large expansive stage. They are the go to light for any situation.

About Ikan

For over a decade, Ikan International Corp. has been designing, manufacturing and distributing digital video and DSLR gear for independent filmmakers, videographers, and professional photographers, delivering quality products to creative people for use in the studio or in the field. Ikan made its name in the industry by introducing innovative monitors such as the first 5-inch LCD monitor for DSLRs and camcorders and the first LED field light with remote control. Today, Ikan offers a variety of solutions for both professionals and beginners: pedestals, tripods, jibs, on-camera lights, DMX lights, ENG and studio lights, teleprompters, monitors with the widest array of IPS panels, batteries, chargers and more. Ikan equipment is available through authorized dealers in the U. S. and 50-plus countries worldwide, and at www.ikancorp.com.