Elizabeth Nelson is a cinematographer and filmmaker who uses the art of filmmaking to aid missionary work and bridge powerful stories beyond the differences between cultures and languages.  She traveled to Honduras recently to help aid Plan Escalon, whose mission is to offer education, food, shelter, dental, and medical care to young children in hopes of battling the country of Honduras’ extreme poverty.  Elizabeth took several ikan products with her to help document this story; The Traveler Backpack, D7w monitor, and iLED144 on-camera light, and these small items absolutely blew her away!

The Ikan Traveler Backpack is designed to fit a large amount of gear including DSLR cameras, lenses, LCD monitors, audio kits, power solutions, grip gear, laptop editing stations, ikan Elements kits and more! It even includes a high quality heavy duty nylon rain cover to protect your equipment from the rain. Elizabeth stated, “this is by the far the best camera backpack I have ever used… this thing had pockets everywhere.”

The D7w monitor is the monitor she used during production and it made all the difference to her when she was shooting her interviews.  “I was able to make better exposure decisions – especially when it came to preserving those pesky highlights. For those night interviews under mixed lighting sources, the vectorscope was a great help. Also, the monitor provided a Waveform, RGB Parade, and Vectorscope overlay which I found very helpful.”

The iLED144 is a small on camera lighting solution that complemented Elizabeth’s low profile DSLR camera set up perfectly.  A lot of Elizabeth’s interviews took place at night and outdoors.  “The iLED144 was an enormous help…This was a handy tool, and I am so glad I was able to pack it!”

Be sure to read Elizabeth’s full story at filmphotostory.blogspot.com for details on her experience in Honduras.