Essential Sports Broadcasting Equipment Checklist

Sports broadcasting, from university programs to the biggest shows on TV, require a lot of equipment to produce high-quality content. There’s so much equipment required for these productions that it can be easy to forget to pack some of the most essential gear. Don’t worry, this comprehensive guide on the subject is here to help. This essential sports broadcasting equipment checklist will help your program run smoothly and efficiently.

Video Equipment

Audio Equipment

Additional Equipment

  • Audio/video mixer
  • Studio lighting
  • Softboxes
  • Extension cords
  • All the proper cords and power supplies to keeping equipment running (and backups, if possible)

The types of equipment you choose, such as specific mics and lenses, depend on the look you’re trying to achieve for the segment you’re broadcasting. For instance, while a normal microphone on a stand is common for broadcasts, some productions opt for using lavalier mics, which are easy to conceal on the speaker or interview subject. Likewise, different lighting techniques work for different sets, so decide which lighting technique you’ll use ahead of time.

Plus, that’s where gear like extension cords come in. With the help of extension cords, you have more freedom in regard to moving equipment in the case of power failure, poor lighting, or other technical issues.

This essential sports broadcasting equipment checklist should be in the back of your mind whenever you’re preparing a show, whether you’re covering a college team or the big leagues. If you ever need a refresher, just revisit this article and double-check your gear, then you should be ready to go. At Ikan, we can help you obtain many of these pieces of equipment, such as broadcast studio lighting technology, to use on-set. That way, you can take advantage of our comprehensive inventory to find the best gear for enhancing your broadcast.