3 Reasons To Use a Virtual Teleprompter for Live PerformanceLive performances are one-takes with high stakes. Recorded performances, on the other hand, give performers and production crew room for mistakes. Any technological difficulties, fumbled speeches, or performance errors that occur can be reshot. Live shows leave very little room for mistakes, as everyone only gets one chance to get it right—no do-overs.

Explore three reasons why you should use a virtual teleprompter during a live performance and discover how teleprompters reduce performance errors.

Enhance Focus and Concentration

Looking at the camera is a daunting task for many people—it feels unnatural. However, on the other end of the lens, looking straight at the camera during a live speech keeps the audience engaged because it’s as if you are talking straight at them. Teleprompters reduce the stress of talking to a camera and the occurrence of wandering eyes.

Instead of looking straight into a dark lense tunnel, talent in front of the camera can turn their focus toward the words on the teleprompter. Reading from a screen feels a lot less intimidating than talking to a camera pointed at you. Align the teleprompter with the lens’s line of sight or use a modern teleprompting system with a built-in camera stand. These options allow the talent in front of the camera to simultaneously read from a screen and maintain eye contact with the lens. A teleprompter can enhance a performer’s focus on the camera while also helping them concentrate on what they have to say.

Maintain Time Efficiency

No matter the type of performance in question, timing is everything. Late cues, poor coordination, and speech tangents affect performance quality, influencing the audience’s viewing experience. Flawless transitions and properly timed cues ensure everyone in the cast and crew can coordinate timings for a smooth show.

Teleprompters manage performance timing in many ways. They broadcast cues to those onstage and behind the scenes, coordinating cast and crew, and feature automated scrolling settings, allowing you to time prompts and speeches. Teleprompters help you maintain a good performance pace.

Increase Performance Management

The biggest threat to one-take performances is unpredictability. So many different variables, from technical difficulties to performer distraction, can throw a performance off course. Using a teleprompter can increase performance management and reduce unpredictabilities.

Teleprompters allow you to display lines, action cues, and insight into what’s coming up next in the show subtly, keeping performers on track throughout the live performance without causing disruptions. Keeping those in front of the camera in the know and accountable with lines and cues minimizes the chances of them wavering off topic or standing in confusion and silence.

Using a virtual teleprompter during a live performance offers many benefits, making them an essential technological tool to keep on hand. Teleprompting enhances live performances, allowing you to nail that one-take shot.

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