Video productions require the assistance of various tools. This isn’t just for filmmaking; live streams, presentations, and other video productions utilize a wide range of hardware. One of the most common pieces of video equipment is the tripod. In the list below, we’ll detail the top reasons to use a tripod while shooting video, no matter your niche.

Smooth Camera Movement

Camera operators can shoot in various ways, whether on a tripod or handheld. Shooting with a handheld style can bring a very natural, documentary-like feel to the content. However, if you want a sleeker, smoother shot, then camera tripods will deliver.

A high-quality tripod securely attaches to a camera and allows operators to carefully move the camera up, down, and side-to-side. Instead of handheld shakiness, tripods deliver a more cinematic aesthetic. If that’s what you’re looking for, then it’s time to conduct trial runs with a reliable tripod.

Consistent Stability

If you want your frame to be still, you can set the camera down on a flat surface and shoot, right? Actually, there are more secure places to set your camera, and a tripod is certainly among them.

These tools are specifically designed to provide stability and flexibility with shooting, and that’s not only thanks to the mechanisms holding the camera in place. If you’re using a quality model, the tripod legs will provide the strength and stability you need to capture clean, crisp shots. At Ikan, we carry professional video tripods with various payloads to accommodate many different cameras on the market.

Hands-Free Flexibility

Another essential reason to use a tripod while shooting video is you’ll need your hands free for other tasks besides holding the camera. As the name suggests, handheld means that you’re holding the camera in your hands. When a camera sits on a tripod, you can tweak other settings with ease, whether you need to adjust the focus or change the angle.

Likewise, if you’re shooting with a long lens, the tripod makes it easy to keep the camera stable while adjusting the lens for the perfect shot. Now that you know more about tripods, capturing the perfect shot will be more attainable, whether on film, at a live event, or beyond.