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News Crew Program

At ikan, we are made up of several different types of industry professionals. One area in particular that remains significant in our consciousness is that of electronic news gatherers. Through the ikan News Crew Program, we support those professionals who cover high profile events and trade shows for the video, film and photo industries by offering a special discount on ikan gear. For those participants, ikan will provide a discount of up to 50% per item purchased through our News Crew Program.

Simple adherence to a few basic guidelines will qualify your news crew for ikan's News Crew Program.

  1. Anyone who is associated with an industry news crew and is able to present appropriate credentials may request to participate in ikan's News Crew Program. Initial contact may be made via email at marketing@ikancorp.com.
  2. Participating news crews must operate regularly within the domestic United States.
  3. News crews must provide a list of regularly attended exhibitions, festivals and trade shows (NAB participation required).
  4. We ask that any products purchased through ikan's News Crew Program be utilized during exhibitions, festivals and trade shows attended by the program participants.

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