Missed your ikan tip of the week at all? I actually did.

I believe it’s still a great creative outlet for applying ikan gear in various, effective ways, considering the innumerable configurations available to you via the ELEMENTS line, esp with the EV2 series now available.

This week, I’m going to don this product the “Universal Rim Light”–not because it shines on the entire universe (though it’s darn bright)–but because it’s so light (couldn’t help it) you can clamp it securely to nearly any platform or medium. With the spot or flood option, you can get a focused rim light or more diffuse hairlight, varying from gentle to blindingly bright.

LED ONE custom light

Voila! Your subject is lit from anywhere, for hours!


This configuration includes (read: you win all this if you participate in our little giveaway at #GVEXPO:

1 x LED ONE – (spot or flood bulb)

1 x MA210 10″Articulating Arm

1 x ELE-PN Pinch Clamp

1 x ELE-CHSR Senior Cheese Stick

1 x Panasonic DV battery & AC107 Battery Plate (which includes screws)


Let us know if you’ve done this before, or choose to do so, and how it works for you! Otherwise, if you come up with any neat tips of your own, send ’em over to me (ryan@ikancorp.com) or post an image to our twitter, and maybe you’ll get featured.