Production value can arrive in many forms, so determining the right route for your shoot requires analyzing unique details. For instance, a teleprompter can be a valuable tool for boosting your production, but why should you choose them over other options? Continue below to learn why teleprompters help increase video production value across various niches in the industry.

What Is Production Value?

Production value describes the quality of a video production’s technical aspects. These technical aspects fall under the titular category because their quality can make or break how much value the audience sees in that given production.

For instance, the audience can enjoy an actor’s method of line delivery but the quality of those lines won’t speak to the production value. However, the visual effects of that picture will determine production value. So, given that teleprompters don’t render digital effects, why are they relevant to this topic? Let’s dive deeper into why teleprompters can increase video production value under the right circumstances.

Teleprompter Values

Teleprompters can make your set look more professional, but, of course, there’s more to these devices than the curb appeal. The primary reason teleprompters impact production value is that they are pieces of technology that help subjects in front of the camera deliver their lines or stay on topic.

Teleprompters are particularly helpful during live broadcasts where you can’t edit around misreads, dead air, and other production blemishes. Thus, having a teleprompter on set can directly improve your production’s pace and focus; two details valuable to any production, whether an interview, short film, or beyond.

Finding Valuable Teleprompters

A critical detail to remember if you want to boost production value with a teleprompter is the titular device’s quality and technical specifications. After all, improving production value with a prompter system is difficult if it’s a low-quality system. High-quality, professional-grade teleprompters are on the market to ensure you don’t have to settle for anything that will hinder your set.

For example, our prompter systems at Ikan are available in both beam splitter and tablet systems to accommodate various production needs. Furthermore, the quality is consistent among each model to ensure each production can benefit. Our listings also feature many technical details to help you determine which models best suit your production needs precisely. Now that you know more about quality prompter systems, buying with precision won’t be a challenge.