Professional live streamers use a wide array of production tools. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes that teleprompters are great devices for making live streams run smoothly. Below, we’ll break down exactly why a teleprompter is useful for live streaming in a professional setting.

Delivering Lengthy Speeches

Audience engagement is crucial during live streams, but pausing engagement for scripted speeches is viable depending on the purpose of your stream. For instance, if you’re giving a movie review or news report, you might want the discussion typed out for the teleprompter to display. In doing so, you can keep the conversation concise and focused.

Some streamers like the improvisational approach, but it’s not for everyone. Thanks to a teleprompter, you can deliver a chunk of scripted dialogue before turning your attention back to the audience. Breaking up scripted sections with responses to the chat is a great way to ensure control of the stream without entirely removing natural conversation from your content.

On the other hand, if you’re hosting a stream all about answering pre-screened viewer questions, type out a brief response to each inquiry and put it on the teleprompter during the stream. In doing so, you can deliver a concise response while still making off-the-cuff comments throughout. In fact, that plays into our next teleprompter attribute, which ensures that you stay on track.

Staying on Track

Learning why a teleprompter is useful for live streaming exemplifies how diverse this tool is for production. Although you can write out lengthy scripts for teleprompters, listing bullet points is one of the best methods. For example, if your stream delves into multiple topics, typing out a bullet point list of topics will help you retain structure throughout it all. When you’re diving into multiple topics without a script, getting into tangents or staying on a topic for too long are both easy mistakes to make. Luckily, with a teleprompter, you can create a visual structure to abide by during your show.

Now that you know how this tool will benefit your production, seek out a high-quality teleprompter for sale and introduce it into your workflow today. Of course, there is always a learning curve with new equipment, but don’t worry; learning the ropes of using a teleprompter is as simple as it is beneficial to every stream you host.