Why a Cage Helps You Shoot Better Video

If you don’t know why a cage helps you shoot better video, then you might be missing out on a very beneficial piece of equipment for your set. No matter the subject of the video you’re shooting, camera cages will help you achieve great results while also keeping the camera itself out of harm’s way. This guide will teach you why camera cages are an essential component of any video production.

Keeps the Camera Safe

Mistakes happen, but dropping the camera and damaging it or one of its components can be a frustrating, costly mistake. With a sturdy, high-quality cage around your camera, you can worry less about such issues. Obviously, you still shouldn’t drop your video equipment, but if you do wind up dropping a camera with a cage, it’ll remain intact, and you’ll stay out of trouble.

Factors like this are why it’s so important to buy from reliable manufacturers. If you buy a low-quality cage simply due to the price, you might not have quite as much protection as you would otherwise. If you want good protection and good results, stick to the most reliable brands on the market.

Makes Handheld Shooting Convenient

If your camera cage has a sturdy set of handles, you will be able to shoot handheld video with both comfort and quality. This is because the handles provide camera operators with the means to comfortably hold the camera while still keeping it steady. This way, you won’t have to deal with shaky footage which, suffice it to say, won’t look very professional. This is especially helpful if you have any attachments on your camera, and as a professional in the field, you most likely will.

Allows for Multiple Attachments

Aside from the safety and convenience they provide, camera cages also allow you to securely attach a bevy of additional gear to the camera. Attachments you can use with a camera cage include external monitors, shotgun mics, and lights. More advanced attachments may include follow focus systems or matte boxes. Essentially, the cage helps camera operators customize the camera to their specific needs.

As you can see, the reasons why a cage helps you shoot better video comes down to the protection, attachments, and convenient handling it adds to the camera. Now that you have a better understanding of its benefits, you can outfit your camera with a high-quality professional camera cage rig from Ikan.