Video Camera Accessories That Help You Get the Perfect Shot

Many individuals who work on video products think getting the perfect shot is easier said than done. However, with the right tools by your side, nailing each shot can be very simple. Keep reading to discover three video camera accessories that help you get the perfect shot every time.


A tripod is essential for camera stabilization. If you want to capture smooth, clear shots, then a tripod will get the job done. Some productions can benefit from that handheld footage quality, but not all of them will. If handheld footage doesn’t feel natural to the video content, it will quickly distract or frustrate the viewers. Consider keeping a backup tripod on set. Suffice it to say, a tripod breaking during shooting can hinder your schedule unless you have a second one ready to go.

Follow Focus Systems

When working on professional video productions, it’s best to avoid relying on auto-focus or fumbling with the focus ring. Both methods can lead to stressful novice mistakes, resulting in a low-quality image. However, investing in a video follow focus system is a convenient way to focus each shot with immense precision and control. Plus, follow focus systems contain a white ring that operators can mark in accordance with where they need to rack focus. Racking focus properly requires accuracy, and the white ring makes it easy to attain such results every time.

External Monitors

One of the most invaluable video camera accessories that help you get the perfect shot is an external monitor. Professional crews can watch camera footage on a relatively large screen with high resolution without leaving the set, thanks to external monitors. This accessory is crucial because that larger screen allows you to watch footage on set, with all the minute details present. As a result, pulling focus with immense precision becomes much easier, preventing any unclear footage from hindering your production. Likewise, if something is out of place in the background of your shot, spotting it on set is simple with the help of an external monitor.