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Professional Field Monitors

Ikan offers professional-quality field monitors that provide unparalleled functionality while producing an on-location video. When you’re creating a video in the field, you won’t have the same amount of control a full studio will offer. So, you need mobile equipment with the right features and functionality to produce the video you need. Ikan’s field monitors are lightweight, making them ideal for gimbals and stabilizers, and come packed with features such as 4k displays, focus peaking, pixel-to-pixel mode, frame guides, and more! In addition, Ikan’s field monitors have multiple ¼” threads allowing them to be mounted directly onto cameras or on articulating arms.

What is a Field Monitor?

On-location broadcast crews, documentary filmmakers, and mobile video production operations all use field monitors to get the shots they need when outside of the studio. Field monitors are lightweight external camera screens that allow you to see your shots on a large display and give you relevant information at a quick glance. From exposure histograms to peaking for focus assist, these tools will allow you to get the perfect shots to match your vision.